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Yaskawa A1000

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Application: Fan, pumb, conveyor, compressor, crane.... Output 3 Phase: 200VAC, 0.4-110kW 400VAC, 0.4-630kW

Yaskawa A1000 manual




- Control Method: V/f Control, V/f Control with PG, Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control, Open Loop Vector for PM, Closed Loop Vector for PM, Advanced Open Loop Vector for PM

- Frequency Control Range: 0.01 to 400 Hz

- Frequency Accuracy (Temperature Fluctuation): Digital reference: within ±0.01% of the max. output frequency (−10 to +40°C) Analog reference: within ±0.1% of the max. output frequency (25°C ±10°C)

- Frequency Setting Resolution: Digital reference: 0.01 Hz Analog reference: 0.03 Hz / 60 Hz (11 bit)

- Output Frequency Resolution: 0.001 Hz

- Frequency Setting Signa: -10 to +10 V, 0 to +10 V, 4 to 20 mA, Pulse Train

- Starting Torque: 150%/3 Hz (V/f Control and V/f Control with PG), 200%/0.3 Hz*1 (Open Loop Vector Control), 200%/0 r/min*1 (Closed Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control for PM, and Advanced Open Loop Vector Control for PM), 100%/5% speed (Open Loop Vector Control for PM) 

- Speed Control Range: 1:1500 (Closed Loop Vector Control and Closed Loop Vector for PM) 1:200 (Open Loop Vector Control) 1:40 (V/f Control and V/f Control with PG) 1:20 (Open Loop Vector for PM) 1:100 (Advanced Open Loop Vector for PM)

- Speed Control Accuracy: ±0.2% in Open Loop Vector Control (25°C ±10°C) *2, 0.02% in Closed Loop Vector Control (25°C±10°C)

- Speed Response: 10 Hz in Open Loop Vector (25°C ±10°C), 50 Hz in Closed Loop Vector Control (25°C±10°C) (excludes temperature fluctuation when performing Rotational Auto-Tuning)

- Torque Limit: All Vector Control allows separate settings in four quadrants

- Accel/Decel Time: 0.00 to 6000.0 s (4 selectable combinations of independent acceleration and deceleration settings)

- Braking Torque: Drives of 200/400 V 30 kW or less have a built-in braking transistor. 1. Short-time decel torque*3: over 100% for 0.4/ 0.75 kW motors, over 50% for 1.5 kW motors, and over 20% for 2.2 kW and above motors (over excitation braking/High-Slip Braking: approx. 40%) 2. Continuous regen. torque: approx. 20% (approx. 125% with dynamic braking resistor option*4: 10% ED,10s, internal braking transistor)

- V/f Characteristics: User-selected programs and V/f preset patterns possible

- Main Control Functions: Torque control, Droop control, Speed/torque control switching, Feedforward control, Zero-servo control, Momentary power loss ride-thru, Speed search, Overtorque detection, Torque limit, 17-step speed (max), Accel/decel time switch, S-curve accel/decel, 3-wire sequence, Auto-tuning (rotational, stationary), Online tuning, Dwell, Cooling fan on/off switch, Slip compensation, Torque compensation, Frequency jump, Upper/lower limits for frequency reference, DC injection braking at start and stop, Overexcitation braking, High slip braking, PID control (with sleep function), Energy saving control, MEMOBUS comm. (RS-485/422 max, 115.2 kbps), Fault restart, Application presets, DriveWorksEZ (customized function), Removable terminal block with parameter backup function...

- Motor Protection: Motor overheat protection based on output current

- Momentary Overcurrent Protection: Drive stops when output current exceeds 200% of Heavy Duty Rating

- Overload Protection: Drive stops after 60 s at 150% of rated output current (Heavy Duty Rating)

- Overvoltage Protection:200 V class: Stops when DC bus exceeds approx. 410 V, 400 V class: Stops when DC bus exceeds approx. 820 V

- Undervoltage Protection: 200 V class: Stops when DC bus exceeds approx. 190 V, 400 V class: Stops when DC bus exceeds approx. 380 V

- Momentary Power Loss Ride-Thru: Immediately stop after 15 ms or longer power loss. Continuous operation during power loss of less than 2 s (standard)

- Heatsink Overheat Protection: Thermistor

- Braking Resistance Overheat Protection: Overheat sensor for braking resistor (optional ERF-type, 3% ED) 

- Stall Prevention: Stall prevention during acceleration/deceleration and constant speed operation

- Ground Protection: Protection by electronic circuit 

- Charge LED: Charge LED remains lit until DC bus has fallen below approx. 50 V

- Communication: RS-422/485 (MEMOBUS/Modbus at 115.2 kbps) standard on all models.

                             Option cards:Ethernet/IP, CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet, Mechatrolink, CClink, EtherCAT

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